Data Visualizations

We reviewed climate pledges for all UN Members. This includes 197 countries as well as the EU. From this review of pledges, it was possible to quantify the land area requirements for 142 pledges that relied on carbon dioxide removal, including land and forest restoration, reforestation, and for a very small number of countries, BECCS.

Land area pledged to CDR in country submissions to the UNFCCC

Total land pledged compared to global arable land
Total afforestation/reforestation pledged compared to global pasture
Total land pledged for restoration compared with global terrestrial protected areas
141Countries that include quantifiable land-based CDR in climate pledges
40Countries that include unquantifiable land-based CDR in climate pledges
16Countries that include no land-based CDR in climate pledges
Share of land pledged

The map below shows the distribution of global land-based carbon dioxide removal pledges. It illustrates activities pledged by each country, and how significant each pledge is in comparison to existing agricultural and forested land.

Countries land-use pledges that would result in CDR were categorised into land-use change or restoration based on the activity type. No data (-) covers countries with no reference to land-based removals in their pledge; land removal activities that were not quantifiable, and countries without an NDC. Direct pledges are those where an area of land has been stated. Indirect pledges are calculated from proportion of land area or number of trees given in pledges. Emissions pledges are those stated as tonnes CO2 sequestered, and land area was calculated from activity type. Official pledges are NDCs or Long-term Strategies submitted to the UN. Unofficial pledges are other national government statements.

Data current as of 31 October 2023.